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At ProCorM we believe your tennis court should be able to stand the test of time.  Here on Long Island we know your recreational courts need to be able to withstand the frigid winters and the blazing Long Island sun.  ProCorM of West Hampton deals with all facets of tennis court construction from a start to finish design job, to crack repair or maintenance we can be there for your sports court needs.​


Hard Surface Tennis Court - Usually constructed of asphalt, or cement, the hard surface court is probably the most popular. Generally easier to maintain than a grass or clay court, periodic sweeping or blowing to remove debris and annual cleaning with a mild detergent to remove any mildew may be all that is needed.  The play on a hard court is faster than that of a clay court, but not as fast as a grass court. Ball bounce is more predictable because the surface is more flat and even than a clay or grass court.  This court can be very hot to play on in the summer months but the court can be played on all year if desired.

Soft Surface Tennis Court  - The "clay" tennis court requires more maintenance than the hard surface. We use Har Tru on our courts which is made from a green stone found in the Blue Ridge Mountains of Virginia. Regular maintenance is needed as well as irrigation.  The play on a soft court is generally slower than on other surfaces. Firm footing with the ability to slide may be easier on your joints than the dead stop of a hard surface.  Although a cooler playing surface during the hot months, the clay court is generally closed during cold winter months.

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