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“All-weather” (asphalt or concrete) courts are one of the most commonly constructed courts in our area.

The All-Weather court typically requires little yearly maintenance. You will want to clean the surface
periodically of mold and or mildew and sweep it from time to time for an optimal playing surface.
The All-weather court is generally constructed of concrete or asphalt and then painted with an acrylic color
finish system, which is available in a variety of colors.
Cushioning can be applied before the color to give the court a desired degree of resiliency. Cushioning
also relieves some of the stress on the body.



About every 5-7 years, your All-Weather court may need to be refinished, depending on the wear.
Cracks may develop and should be repaired as soon as they appear.

If you would like more information about constructing or refinishing an All-Weather court, and you are
located on Long Island, NY, please contact us.

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