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The Har-Tru Tennis Court is the most popular in the United States.  The Har-Tru surface reduces injuries by responding to a player's movements, preventing the twisting and jarring that can occur on a hard surface. Sliding reduces the stress of court impact so you can play more frequently. Less physical toll allows players to play longer and recover more quickly.

Like any clay court, maintenance is required. Brushing the court after each play and daily watering is essential. It is also recommended that professional maintenance be done weekly or bi-weekly for the best results.  At the beginning of each season, the court is scarified and all dead material is removed. Then a fresh top-dressing of Har-Tru is put down to replace the vital fine particles lost during the year from wind and water erosion. This leaves your court looking and playing like brand new.  When a Har-Tru tennis court is maintained properly, it can last a lifetime.  If you are interested in building a Har-Tru court or converting an existing court to Har-Tru, and you are located in Eastern Long Island, NY, please contact us for a free consultation.


Har-Tru Court Before & After

"We love our HydroCourt!  Thank you ProCorM."

Jill M.


HydroCourt is a self-regulating system that is fully adjustable to player preference and designed to water your Har-Tru tennis court from below the surface

HydroCourt is a unique subsurface irrigation system that creates an artificial water table beneath a Har-Tru tennis court. By controlling the level of this water table, optimum moisture in the court surface can be maintained. The court is constructed with six water retaining cells, each approximately 20' x 60'.


Hydro Court

Time-saving: Less time spent watering the court manually. The texture of HydroCourt is made to hold moisture in comparison to a traditional irrigation system.


Less Water Consumption: HydroCourts are designed to use appropriately 60% less excess water.

Reduced maintenance: Constant moisture keeps the surface firm and substantially reduces the amount of brushing and rolling needed to properly maintain the court in turn making Har-Tru HydroCourt's both convenient and cost-effective.

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