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"We Love Tennis as Much As You Do"

Established in 1974, ProCorM is committed to providing Long Island the very best in tennis and other recreational courts. We know when you add a tennis or basketball court to your home you're not only adding value to your house but you are adding value to your family's lifestyle. This responsibility is one we take extremely serious. ProCorM has been a part of countless industrial projects where courts come fitted with custom locker rooms with mahogany cabinetry and wet bars for the most esteemed clients. However we are thoughtful of the needs and budgets of all of our clientele.

Tennis Court construction, refinishing, maintenance and court supplies are how our company started years ago. However, we now specialize in other recreational courts such as Bocce Courts, Basketball Courts and Volleyball courts. Our goal is to provide each client with professional quality results that will only add to the value of the home or business while providing years of playing enjoyment for the entire family.

ProCorM uses only the highest quality materials and products for construction and maintenance of all our recreational courts. Quality, high performance material and products that will enhance the tennis, and ball playing experience.

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